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Vibration diagnostics


Нормы вибрации, устранение вибрацииVibration measurement techniques (vibration requirements control) are extensively used for rotor-type mechanisms (electric motors, pumps, fans, turbines, generators etc) around the world. It is predetermined by the fact that vibration is a result of perturbing forces within the mechanism. Consequently, vibration signal contains information about the state of mechanism, its kinematical connections and separate units. At present the theory and practice of vibration signal analysis is so elaborate that you can obtain reliable information on almost any installation or manufacturing defect, or wear, and eliminate vibration.

As a rule, the technical means used for that allow not only control the state of mechanisms but also provide solution for quick tune-up during operation and repair, i.e. solution for vibration elimination. First of all this refers to rotor dynamic balancing, bearing quality control and installation.

OOO “Baltech” produces and supplies portable and stationary sets of vibration diagnostics of rotor equipment (bearing, reduction drives, compressors, pumps etc), dedicated to defining current technical state and forecast of trouble-free service period (by entering setpoints and vibration requirements).

Vibration Analyser CSI 2130
VibView software
MotorView software
Vibration meters
Stationary systems
Bearing check bench

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