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IR imagers

IR diagnostics

 BALTECH TR-01100 IR imager

тепловизор Baltech TR-01100

New BALTECH TR-01100 camera is an IR imager (infrared camera) for every-day use by technical personnel without professional knowledge in infrared thermography with the aim of controlling temperature regimes, defining equipment defects, as well as accident prevention and suspension of production (IR diagnostics). This device is to be included into the standard tool kit of technical engineers in various areas. This camera is sensationally low-cost in the global market, which allows using it even in low-budget control and inspection.


 BALTECH TR-01400 IR imager

Тепловизор TR-01400New IR camera BALTECH TR-01400 is a state-of-the art product of forming the IR image. The camera was designed and produced as a most advanced appliance for IR diagnostics. IR camera BALTECH TR-01400 is positioned among top IR imagers. It forms IR images, features original design and ergonomics, high-level software, completeness of set and configuration for extensive use.


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