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Induction heaters

BALTECH HI series induction heaters for induction heating of parts

Induction heaters with the function of induction heating of parts are a new energy- and resource-saving technology by “Baltech” company for repair of industrial equipment!!! As distinct from oil baths, induction heating of parts in the course of installation and repair saves time (induction heating is several times faster), electricity (energy is spent only to heat a bearing or a part), resources (any heating is temperature gauge controlled), besides induction heating is eco-friendly. All models of induction heaters are always in stock of “Baltech” company for quick delivery.

Hot plate BALTECH HI-1604

The cheapest way to heat the part is to use a small portable hot plate BALTECH HI-1604. This plate weights several kilos only. Light electric plate to heat bearings and parts BALTECH HI-1604 will assist you in repairing and installing equipment. In order to protect heating platform, the hot plate features an ergonomic cover. Temperature is set by simply turning the thermostat knob to necessary temperature up to 200°C. Just like in all induction heaters of BALTECH series, temperature is controlled via temperature gauge with a feedback. Each set is supplied with heat-proof gloves.



Induction heater BALTECH HI-1610

A compact, small-sized, light-weight, highly efficient and cost-efficient induction heater BALTECH HI-1610 with electronic control. Small dimensions and weight of the induction heater (8 kg only!) allow induction heating in the field, i.e. it can always be moved to the repair site, which is convenient for repair and maintenance services. For transportation purposes the induction heater is supplied with a transportation case. Induction heating of bearings, rings and parts may be performed both in vertical and horizontal positions. Remember that induction heating always saves your money and time!


Induction heater BALTECH HI-1612 (induction heating 2 times faster)

Induction heating of two bearings (parts) is possible with the help of this model only. New and unique development by “Baltech” company has no parallel. This double induction heating is indispensable for a batch production, reduction drive and rotor repair, as well as other tasks, which require simultaneous heating of two bearings or parts, because this heater is much cheaper than two separate induction heaters. Induction heater BALTECH HI-1612 is a structural variation of BALTECH HI-1610 heater with two core pieces. Induction heating of bearings, tooth-wheels and couplings is two times faster, which is a basis of all energy-saving technologies of today.


Induction heater BALTECH HI-1630

For correct installation upon the shaft large bearings must be induction heated on mid-class induction heater BALTECH HI-1630. This induction heater can induction heat parts up to 55 kg. A set of dispensable cores provides easy induction heating of all types of ball bearings and parts with different geometries. Comparatively light weight of the induction heater (25 kg only) makes it possible to transport it from one workshop to another. Bearings can be induction heated in both horizontal and vertical positions.


Induction heater BALTECH HI-1633 (induction heating 3 times faster)

A new tri-sectional induction heater with electronic control has no parallel. Induction heating can be performed with one, two or three cores simultaneously. Amount of working cores is set by 1-2-3 switch. No other induction heater made by other companies is able to simultaneously heat three parts within a short period of time. The design of this induction heater was nominated for a grant. Induction heating of half couplings, rings and parts can be performed in both horizontal and vertical positions. Remember, that this induction heater saves you three times more time, whereas it costs less than three similar devices!


Induction heater BALTECH HI-1650

With the help of induction heater BALTECH HI-1650 one can heat bearings and half couplings up to 210 kg. The induction heater under consideration features induction heating temperature control up to 240°C. You can easily turn the core and place a bearing or part both in vertical and horizontal position. Induction heater can feature an optional transportation dolly. induction heating happens with supply voltage of 380V, which allows using the induction heater on all production plants.


Induction heater BALTECH HI-1670

Large induction heater BALTECH HI-1670 is dedicated to induction heating of large-sized parts (ball bearings etc) up to 560 kg with minimum inner diameter of 60 mm and maximum outer diameter of 1020 mm. Bearings can be induction heated both in horizontal and vertical positions. All large induction heaters feature their own transportation wheel-platforms with fixtures and handles for convenient transportation along the workshop or repair area. Induction heating of large-sized parts is easier due to dispensable turning cores.


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