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Fixturlaser Centering

Laser system for measurement and repair of shaft line journal bearings

Fixturlaser Centering  предназначена для ремонта опорных подшипников валопроводаThe Fixturlaser Centering is dedicated to measuring center position for several holes in relation to the base line going through the center of two base holes (e.g., shaft line journal bearing, propeller shaft, crosshead etc). Typically, the system is used for centering and checking shaft lines, measuring shaft line journal bearing, repair of propeller shaft. Fixturlaser Centering measures position of rotation centres in relation to the chosen base line in two axes.

The Fixturlaser Centering in short:

  • Covers diameters of journal bearing holes from 80 to 350 mm as standard.
  • Centerline and offset from propeller shaft measurements.
  • Straightness measurements in one or two axis with up to 99 measurement points.
  • Live data on display provides feedback during in the course of operation.
  • Choose any measured point as reference and add comments to each measured point.

Fixturlaser Centering - система для измерения положения центров нескольких отверстий (крейцкопф, подшипник скольжения)DU 30 display unit: Icon based touch screen, does not require any knowledge of English

T111, Laser transmitter

Autonomous unit, up to 50 m

Two screws for fine adjustment of laser beam

R 210, 2-axis detector unit
Size 20x20 mm

DELTA, Mechanical fixtures

Centering300 set features 2 cases, cables, set of mechanical fixtures DELTA

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